Berwick Shoes London Strutton Ground

Where the name came from:

In 1707 a crucial battle took place in Almansa for the Spanish War of Succession, in which the Duke of Berwick won the decisive victory that resulted in Philip the Fifth claiming the throne of Spain.

About the shoes:

Through a combination of technology and expert craftsmanship in highly-specialised tasks that require the know-how of many years of experience, Berwick 1707 andBerwick 1707 Premium Grade shoes comprise carefully-made articles, with high added value, which successfully exceed the expectations of the most demanding user and will faithfully accompany him step by step over the years.

952 Dark Tan

​4170 Country Calf

​4169 Country Calf

6871 Light Tan


320 Country Calf

​4498 Black

​9628 Black 


​9628 Black 

2026 Light Tan

8491 Black

2029 Burgundy

​4087 Tan Calf

320 Chocolate Suede

6871 Light Tan

952 Light Tan